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The Increasing Popularity of Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Should You Get On The Bandwagon?

Remember when our only option for vacuuming was to push a heavy machine around our house for an hour? No longer is that our only option, thank god! We are a society of people on the go with very busy lives, and we have been playing with the idea of robots for a long time to see if we can build something to help us out and make our lives easier for once. One of the advances in technology is that of the robot vacuum cleaner.

So, what is all the buzz about when it comes to robot vacuums? Robot vacuum cleaners (aka Robovacs) have the ability to vacuum your house all on their own because of their intelligent programming. Many of these have the ability to learn the layout of your home, learn where stairs are, figure out how to get into tight corners to clean, and some even have more advanced features such as mopping or UV sterilization. In fact, some would argue that these aren't just vacuum robots but domestic robots!

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While the first vacuum cleaning robot was created in 1997, they became first launched by an American company in the year 2002. The company was iRobot and the robovac was the Roomba, which is still one of the most popular brands today. The Roomba became a success overnight and was immediately in extremely high demand. It was a matter of time before other businesses revealed their own models like the neato bot vac 65 review to acquire their piece of the bursting marketplace demand.

Robot vacuums have been rising in popularity ever since 2002 and there are many brands and models that exist today. As with most things technology-related, with time comes more advances. Ultimately, You Will Want To Decide If a robovac is the right choice for you so let's take a look at some pros, cons, and different brands available to pick from.

There are many benefits to using a robot vacuum over something like an upright vacuum. Frankly, ain't nobody got time for vacuuming anymore! We live in a very busy world and we all know that time is money, and we seem to have less and less of both. Between work, meal preparation, school for the kids, extracurricular activities, homework and errands, we really don't want to spend any time on chores like vacuuming! Also, homes are getting larger so vacuuming takes more time than it did in the past. By investing in a robot vacuum, you can press a button and get on with other tasks in your day. Another benefit of robovacs is that they are a great for people with mobility issues. Some people simply hire a housekeeper to do the dreaded chore of vacuum for them, but many people don't have the option of that luxury. Now, everyone can put a little device on the floor, press a button and the vacuum will be happily on its way. Most robot vacuums also automatically charge themselves. Robotvacs are well-behaved and charge themselves so that when you are ready to vacuum again, they won't die out on you. Upright vacuums don't have the ability to detect dirty spots on their own where robot vacuums do. Without robot vacuums, unless the dirty spot is visible to the naked eye, we wouldn't spend any extra time on it when vacuuming.

One extremely nice feature of the robot vacuum is that it can clean your house while you are away. What other vacuum can do that? What a dream it would be to go away on vacation and come home to a house that is fresh and clean, with the help of your little domestic robot. You robot vacuum can run almost unattended for months thanks to the handy feature of programming and scheduling. Your vacuum does all the work and you get to be in an effortlessly clean house: a win win scenario!

Another nice thing about robot vacuums is their ability to clean under furniture without having to move it. If you are lucky you can find a flexible vacuum with attachments that will get hard-to-reach places, but save yourself the headache and just buy a robot vacuum. Robovacs have no problem cruising around under beds, sofas, coffee tables and more. What's better than a vacuum that runs on its own, stays charged all the time, vacuums under your furniture, and has minimal maintenance? We can't think of anything!

You would be a fool though to think that there are no disadvantages when we are talking about crazy progress in consumer technology. Before you go out and buy a robot vacuum, you will want to look at the idea from all sides. One potentially large negative aspect of the robot vacuum is that because of its small size, it can't hold a lot of dirt before it gets full. You may need to empty your robot cleaner sooner than you would a normal upright vacuum so that it can continue to do its job. Another disadvantage is that while it is run on batteries and can often automatically recharge itself, batteries do die out over time so you may need to replace the batteries where you would not with a normal vacuum. You will find many low-cost robovacs for sale in various locations that are under a hundred dollars or so but these are usually low quality. If you want a quality robot vacuum, be prepared to spend a couple hundred bucks or more, and this is a deal breaker for some people. Even if you don't buy a robot vacuum, you will probably want to robot vacuum cleaner amazon spend over $100 on an upright as anything cheaper will probably not help you out much. You already know this and have been told his hundreds of time, but you get what you pay for. One of the last disadvantages of robot vacuums is that it may suck up small and valuable things that you might find when you are vacuuming, but you robot vacuum won't give you the chance. When owning a robot vacuum, you will also need to walk around your house often to find harmful things like nails, screws, bobby pins, and other things that may hurt your robot. None of these things should scare you away as the pros probably outweigh the cons, but be mindful of the entire picture.

So what are some of the popular robot vacuum brands? The Roomba is probably the brand name and model you are most familiar with. Created by iRobot, the Roomba has been on the robot vacuum scene since the early two-thousands. The most advanced Roomba on the market today is the Roomba 800 Series. The Robo 800 has the most advanced cleaning system ever; at least compared to other robot vacuums. This series really focuses on getting your house cleaner than ever before as it picks up 50% more dirt than prior models. It costs more than their other models but is well worth it.

Similar to the Roomba you will also find Neato Botvacs. They use a little different cleaning method by using a highly-effective and sought after HEPA filter. The Neato Botvac 80 Robot Vacuum is great for dust, allergens and pet hair. The top Neato Botvac model has a dual-purpose brush for pet hair and also vacuuming more quietly on hard floors. It uses lasers to scan, map, plan and clean your house accordingly. Neato Botvacs come in a couple other versions that are more budget-friendly but do not have the high performance filter that the Neato Botvac 80 has. If you only want to buy once and want to buy something of quality, the Botvac 80 is the way to go!

Most people stick with brands they have at least heard about such as the Roomba, but LG, Infinuvo and other companies make decent robotvacs as well.

So, should you buy a robot vacuum cleaner? It really depends on what your wants and needs are. Most people who have tried robot vacuums don't go back, so unless there is a big reason not to, maybe give it a go? We all know there are a tremendous number of pros for robot vacuums so you should be happy if the cons don't seem like a big deal. However, even if you are open to exploration, if you want to ensure you have a reliable vacuum for the next 10 years, maybe to with an upright. Don't feel bad if you aren't comfortable purchasing a robot vacuum; upright vacuums are pretty efficient and really aren't all that terrible! A big pro of traditional vacuums is that if you get a quality one, they have less maintenance than robot vacuums probably.

Before you purchase a vacuum, please do us a favor and research a lot, especially if you will be spending half a thousand dollars or more! The marketplace is not lacking options for cheap, worthless vacuums so be sure you don't get suckered in. You will have a solid, reliable vacuum for many years to come if you do your research and then invest wisely.

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